Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caio Fernandes: Mein Welt and his book "reductive"..

I am very happy that I received the book "reductive", with paintings by my friend Caio Fernandes. You can find his blog here. You can order the booklet at this address. I find his paintings very interesting.


  1. Monika I agree. Caio's book is wonderful and I am very happy to also own my own copy of "reductive"! I would highly recommend this book to all art lovers...

  2. Janice.
    Yes you are so right!
    You say your opinion in better words.
    From all of Caio's paintings I love the
    girl "dusty cinnamon - orange girl"
    acrylic on canvas...
    the girl with the blond hair...

  3. Hallo, Monika !!
    i am so happy you liked the book. Thank you very much.
    now my paintings are geting tanned under the lovely mediterranean sun in great company of a beautiful woman as you are!!! and only now i saw the new profile picture. wow!!
    my cheeks are hurting now because i am smiling so much.
    ...und wie geht's, mine libiest freund frau ?

  4. Caio Fernandes.
    Hello dear Caio!
    Mir geht es wunderbar.
    I didn't know that you speak German as well!!
    Viele liebe Gruesse aus dem heissen Athen.
    From very hot Athens night many greetings..
    Kuss auch von mir!!

  5. Good to know you`re supporting Caio too!!!
    Kisses, bonita!

  6. Monika,

    I agree with, Crissant, it's good to see Caio's works circling the globe!

    This is a wonderful tribute you have given to him.

    Have a great week,

  7. Crissant.
    For a long time I am following Caio's work
    and his words. He is not only a master of
    art but he has such a humor!

  8. Brian.
    Thank you and have a wonderful and as always
    busy week!