Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dragonfly on a rock - absorbed in a daydream

All myths of creation originate from this season.  Days are longer, and in the daytime,
winds sweep the clouds away, heralding change and renewal.
Snow and ice melt from the top of the mountains, and rivers come tumbling down in 
joyful song.
The wood pushes through the soil and lovers renew their commitment to passion and 
tenderness, for spring, as love, is a "deeper season than reason."
The fish struggle upstream and everything sparkles like jewels in the   new light....


  1. i adore this post!
    the poem is both inspirational and inspiring!
    love your optimistic words, i'm in awe of your writing and photograpy skills.

    gorgeous photos, i love the texture.

    betty xx

  2. Τι όμορφα λόγια αγαπημένη μου Μόνικα !!!
    Ξεχειλίζουν από τρυφερότητα και αγάπη προς την ζωή!!!
    Μέσα από τις λέξεις σου είδα εικόνες της φύσης και της αναγέννησης !!!
    Και οι φωτογραφίες σου έχουν υπέροχα χρώματα !!!
    Πολλά φιλιά

  3. Wow! Fabulous images!!!!! I wonder how could you capture a dragonfly in his daydream moments????? Mystery, a complete mystery for me.....

    I love everything in these images. Colors, the idea and composition. And of course, I fell in love with two beautiful dragonflies. They are so graceful in their beauty. Yes, it's everything about change and renewal in the spring.

    I love what you wrote about passion, tenderness and love. Sometimes when things don't go the way I want them to go I say to myself that every day is a new life. I say it perhaps more in spring than other seasons because of great awakening in nature....

    Fantastic photography!!!!!! Highly creative imagination!!!!

    Dear Monika, I send to you many hugs and warm spring wishes!!!!!!!

  4. Θαυμάσια ανάρτηση. Όλο φως και χρώματα. Όμορφα λόγια. Ανοίγει η καρδιά σου εδώ μέσα!

  5. Beautiful photographs. Beautiful dragonflies. Beautiful Monika.

  6. Libellen sind so wunderschön.
    Fantastische Bilder. Ich glaube mit der Osterdeko werde ich mich etwas zurückhalten. Ist nicht so mein Ding. Auch wenn ich die "Wohnliese" bin.
    LG Sabine

  7. Πολύ καλές φωτό αλλά ποτέ μου
    δεν συμπάθησα αυτό το έντομο!
    kisses smouatsssssss

  8. A little with grain but it's amazing the detail of bug

  9. Good evening.
    It took me some time to pay back the visit you made to my blog but its never too late.
    Now that I am here i must also leave some comments on your work, photographs and thoughts. First of all.. I have just one question for this post:
    How on earth do you know the dragonfly is daydreaming? Can you explain that to me..? I d love to know what they think about.
    Your photographs are amazing though.
    I like them..
    I also had a quick tour of your blog, and I admired your photographs. I really love the seagull series. I am writing all comments here "en masse" as i am too lazy to comment on every post of yours.
    ..And since you are a great admirer of Elton John I have a surprise for you..
    Check this post of mine:
    The sixth photograph shows a tall white building with very expensive apartments.
    Sir Elton John is living there.
    And i was staying at my friends house some 100 meters from it.
    Have a great evening.

  10. Costas.
    Right maybe a dragonfly cannot daydream.
    It is all a kind of metaphor.
    But does this title not make the insect more
    beautiful and interesting?
    You made me laugh with your comment!!
    Wish you a nice evening as well.

  11. Die Flügel der Libellen wirken so zerbrechlich wie ein süßer Traum.

  12. wow, great shots, very detailed, showing beauty of those animals

  13. Monika these are so wonderfull and are great shots, congratulations...

  14. Liebe Monika,

    Fotos und Text so passend, so durchleuchtet, so traumhaft schön...

    ich umarme dich lieb,

  15. Liebe Monika,
    ich finde diese Fotos wunderschön. Ich mag Libellen - und Deine sind besonders schön.
    Liebe Grüße und einen guten Start ins Wochenende.

  16. delightful, dear!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  17. Amiga, de nuevo por aquí. Como siempre un placer pasar por tu espacio. Pasa un buen fin de semana

    Saludos y un abrazo.

  18. Meine Beste,

    DANKE für deine lieben Wünsche, ich werde dort an dich denken, lächel, eben weils so richtig schön ist, zum Ausruhen und Seele baumeln wird Zeit für mich, denn die letzte Zeit war nur ganz viel Arbeit!!!!

    Ich umarme dich fest, du Liebe
    deine Rachelako

  19. Monika - you've captured these dragonflies 'sparkling like jewels in the new light'. Beautiful captures, and beautiful words for this wonderful new spring season. Have a superb Sunday !

  20. liebe Monika,
    schön deine Fotos, ein kleines darüber Nachdenken, wie still und bescheiden uns diese kleine Tierwelt umgibt, manchmal kaum wahrnehmbar,
    ein schönes Beispiel doch für die vielen lauten Menschen, die es nicht einmal merken, sich in die ersten Reihen drängen.

    liebe Grüße, einen schönen Sonntag wünscht Jasmin

  21. It's not often that anyone has the opportunity to see dragonflies at this close range. Fascinating detail.

  22. Wonderful words, great photograohs! xoxo

  23. To πιο αρχαίο έντομο στον κόσμο (έχει βρεθεί σε απολίθωμα τουλάχιστον 3500 ετών) καθώς και σε τοιχογραφίες ....
    Φοράω στον λαιμό μου μία λιβελούλα, σχεδόν παντα.....λατρεύω και τον παραξενο βίο της...
    Πανέμορφες φωτος...Μπράβο!