Friday, December 7, 2012

Attica Animal Park

A bit lazy lately!
But don’t worry I am back!
Instead of taking care of my knees, my eyes, my shoulder  and my headaches’,
I was surfing around the Flickr world..
It is amazing what one can see in other photographers' work!
Really the most incredible images…

What have I done lately?
Not even one book that I had in mind to read.
The books are staring at me for months now..

Here are a few images from the Attica Animal Park (ή  Attica Zoo).
I was impressed by the surroundings in this park.
So clean and with very competent staff!  It is worth one visit or more!!

I think, these images are more than  thousand words...

Well, I wish you a very nice weekend and take care of yourselves!! 


  1. soo happy to see you!!!wonderful photoes..make ma laugh!!yoo hoo!!happy weekend dear Monika✿♥ℒℴѵℯ♥✿♥*

  2. Απίστευτα ωραίες εικόνες!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    σου εύχομαι καλό ΣΒΚ-))))

  3. @Christa.. ευχαριστώ!!

  4. But, where are the wolves, Monika?

    It does look like both a fascinating place and a beautiful place to visit, and your photography is most excellent.

  5. you have taken some smashing shots here!

    Aloha to YOU from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  6. Oh jaaa, welche wahre Worte. Sie sagen wirklich mehr als tausend Worte, aber auch weil du ein fantastisches Auge für die Motive hast!!!

    Welch wunderbare Fotos, und so bin ich absolut begeistert von dem Löwen. Man könnte meinen man steht davcr!!

    Danke dir jedenfalls dass du sie uns gezeigt hast und ich freue mich das du zurück bist♥

    Liebe Grüssle und ein schönes Wochenende


  7. goodmorning Greece!!❀✽.¸¸.•*`❀✽.¸¸.•*.‏Are you awake???hihihihihih..I come here again just to tell..iam soooooo happy to see you around..the blogs are not teh same without you...❀✽.¸¸.•*`❀✽.¸¸.•*.‏Love the LION❀✽.¸¸.•*`❀✽.¸¸.•*.‏

  8. Lovely post Monica.......nice to see all these animals.

    Wish you a lovely weekend.

    Kisses, Joop

  9. Happy beauties, aren't they precious?

  10. Schöne Tierfotos liebe Monika. Irgendwie habe ich den Eindruck, dass Affen in Zoos immer ein wenig traurig aussehen.
    LG Sabine

  11. Hi monika.iam going to read the island(your country)of Veronica Hislop..I have tried 4 days now..but i fall to sleep..have stopped drinking coffe and also stopped weight is going right upwards..thank you for comment Monica.I appreciate it :))

  12. I like very much a lion and a camel. Something about them that touches my heart. Lion is one powerful creature and a camel is so rounded and funny looking.

    Dear Monika, you captured so wonderfully all these creatures in zoo. Every photograph is a little story about an animal who found its home in the zoo.

    Spectacular photography and very special moments!!!

    Please, have a nice weekend and let yourself be lazy. That is what the weekends are.

  13. The park looks like a very exciting place to visit! I've never done that it would be great for the kids!
    good photos!

    filakia agapi mou!

  14. Dear Monika beautifull foto, I like so much the light of the greece sun... It#s so warm..

    kiss dear

  15. ✿✿°•.
    Belos animais, belos clicks.
    Gostei mais da foto do leão.

    Boa semana!

  16. Dear Monika,
    Miss you. Hope you´re ok.
    Thanks for sharing this images of beautiful creatures. Giraffes and lion´s shot are great ones!
    Kisses and hugs!

  17. Fantastiche fotografie, complimenti!! Felice giornata a te...ciao

  18. Thank you so much for these very wonderfull pictures. :-)

    Many greetings from Lys and Olli

  19. Très beau reportage. Je te félicite pour la qualité de tes photos. Le lion est imprésionnant et magnifique.


  20. Καλώς μάς ήρθες Μόνικα!Φανταστικές φωτογραφίες!Ολό λέω ότι θά πάω στό Πάρκο,καί μένω καί κοντά!!Φιλάκια φίλη μου!!

  21. once again congrats! i totally enjoyed your photos. i always love seeing lovely animal pictures like this!

    big hugs.