Tuesday, May 13, 2014

pictures in my mind ~

  • moments, pictures, memories .....
  • .. lake Kastoria Greece


  1. It was such a wonderful surprise to see you pop up in my reader, Monika!!
    I have missed you here.

    What lovely photographs these are. I especially like the last one. Such beautiful creatures.

    I hope you are doing well, sweet friend, and enjoying a beautiful spring. xo.

  2. Good to see you Bitch, and what about the lake, with Pelicans, we have missed you.

  3. Καταπληκτικές εικόνες, φωτος, ωραία δουλειά.

  4. The water looks like it might be cold, but its calmness makes me want to swim in it.

    This has the look of a beautiful place to live or to visit, Monika, and, most certainly, a place which could offer the opportunity for the creation of wonderful memories.

    You are gone too long and too often from your blog. It is nice to see you here again, and I hope your absences will be fewer and farther between.

  5. Die Pelikane gefallen mir super gut! ♥

    Alles Liebe,