Sunday, June 1, 2014

columns of a temple.

One of the Poseidon temple’s remaining Doric columns is inscribed by none other than Lord Byron, who visited the temple in the early 19th century.

Place me on Sunium's marbled steep,
Where nothing, save the waves and I,
May hear our mutual murmurs sweep;
There, swanlike, let me sing and die:
A land of slaves shall ne'er be mine--
Dash down yon cup of Samian wine!
(George Gordon, Lord Byron, The Isles of Greece)


  1. You have created a magnificent photograph, Monika, one worthy of being the companion to Lord Byron's poem. I believe many ghosts linger in the shadows of those columns.

    The two places in Greece I would most like to visit are Missolonghi, where Byron lived for a few months and died, and the island of Ithaca, where Odysseus once walked. Literature and romance mingle in my mind.

  2. Traumhaft schönes Foto liebe Bitch, einfach nur fantastisch. Also da würde ich auch gerne mal einen Sonnenuntergang miterleben.

    Liebe Grüssle


  3. ohhhhhh wie schön.
    da will ich gleich mal koffer packen.
    lieben gruß

  4. This is such a beautiful photograph, Monika.
    The light and colors are magical.
    I wish you a wonderful week, my friend. xo.

  5. Το φως είναι σκέτη Μαγεία!
    Υπέροχη φωτό.