Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Χειμωνιάτικη μοναξιά.. Wintereinsamkeit.

The winter loneliness.
Die Einsamkeit des Winters.

"As you raise it to the light to get a closer look, you hold something in your hand that feels like magic.
maybe it's what you expected, maybe not.
maybe it was too close, or it were out of frame.
maybe it's crinkled like tinfoil, or still wet to the touch.
Maybe it's art"

Andy Warhol


  1. Winter. loneliness. The silhouette of a solitary dove against a frigid sky....

    Thank you, Monika! Best wishes from Texas....

  2. Με γεια τις αλλαγές!
    φιλιά πολλά και καλό απόγευμα

  3. Hi bonita,
    You have sensibility in your heart and eyes, and you transmit it through the lens.
    One more time, thank you!!! The "owl" is magical!!

  4. I looove looking at your pictures! so beautiful:-)

  5. liebe Monika, viele Menschen fühlen sich einsam, ungeliebt, alleingelassen und vom Leben abgetrennt. Die Einsamkeit ist für sie fast schmerzhafter als eine körperliche Erkrankung,
    ich denke die Einsamkeit Winter, dieses Alleinsein, kann auch schöne Momente haben....
    mit lieben Grüßen Jasmin

  6. Einsamkeit in sinnlicher Schönheit voller Ästhetik ins Bild gesetzt...

    Sei lieb gegrüßt und fröhlich Nacht

  7. Liebe Monika,

    die Einsamkeit gut in Szene gesetzt, man fühlt sie direkt...

    herzlichst, Rachelako

  8. Bella foto Monika,come le parole di Warhol.

    Ciao,buona serata!!


  9. Monika,

    Sitting here on a very cold wintery day in New England, and then I'm suddenly in Greece...this time of the year is lonely but it's not.

    So nice to see the Warhol quote and the mighty, mighty pigeon. I wish you all the best warmth for the holidays!

    Take good care,

  10. HI..Monika!!..iam sitting here late at night at my work..viwing your beautiful photo and poem!!

    It is really nice to come to your blog

    May you have a good week Monika!!


  11. oh Monika, this is so beautifull and intense, I like this photo so much... speek to me so much

  12. You captured the winter loneliness so beautifully!!

    Big hugs
    B xx

  13. I proudly added your lovely site to my blog roll.

  14. Liebe Monika,
    gerade zu Weihnachten fühlen sich viel Menschen verlassen und einsam. Die frühe Dunkelheit belastet das Gemüt. Ich finde, ein Kerze hilft.
    Dein Bild ist gut in Szene gesetzt.
    Liebe Grüße

  15. The magic appears because it felt welcome.

  16. Yes, lonliness, freedom, happiness..everything is inside of our heart...It depend on us...

  17. Great depth of field in both image and text.....

    that makes me linger longer ! In the way that the photo has been shown with the deep meaning it becomes art..... on the other hand, if I were to burst my waxing lyrical bubble with me taking the picture, the bird would have moved its head and persistently decided not to show its beak !!

  18. Little late for thanking you all for stopping by!!

    Clint. you are always in my first place!!

    D.Angel. Καλό απόγευμα εστω μετα από μέρες!
    Σου στέλνω και τα δικά μου φιλιά!!

    Hello, my dear Crissant. I hope so, that you
    liked the owl..
    I am looking instead of your photo with Marylin!
    It hangs framed right across my bedside..
    Hug you from far away!!

    MINAKICHU. Thank you for sending your love!

    Liebe Jasmin. Ich bin am liebsten mit mir allein.
    Obwohl ich einmal eine sehr grosse Familie hatte,
    geniesse ich diese Stille sehr!!

    Phivos. Yes, you are so right with this remark!
    Me too, cannot stand the cold in any way..

    Kvelli. Danke fuer deine Mitteilung!!
    Ich liebe deine Blog-Thematik!
    Gruesse dich auch sehr lieb!

    Rachelako. Ja, da sass er nun und wartete, bis
    ich ihn mit Fotoapparat "eingefangen" hatte..
    Gruesse auch von mir!!

    Grazie Francesco. Si le parole di Warhol est
    bene con questa foto...

    Dear Brian,
    from here in Greece to you in New England wish
    you also a very, very nice Christmas..
    Stay warm and don't catch a cold.

    Dear Anita.
    Since that lonely pigeon I had my shit computer
    not longer on!!
    But send you also my LOVE!!!

    Wong. I like to see you around my blog.
    The master of photography!

    Laura. Thank you my dear friend and artist.
    I was a bit lazy lately. Wish you can understand!!

    That was about time!!
    I am joking of course.
    I am very honored that you added me to your
    blog roll!
    Big hugs from Athens..

    Irmi. Man kann auch die Einsamkeit geniessen!!
    Der Tag vergeht so schnell mit Musik, Buch, TV
    oder einfach bloggen.
    Gruesse dich sehr herzlich!

    Carlos de la parra.
    Right only magic is what counts.
    Thank you for your comment!

    Good you are mention it, Wind.
    It depends what we are looking for!

    So funny..
    Thank you for your words!!