Sunday, March 20, 2011

The sky watcher..


Sometimes when I cannot sleep I photograph the sky and the moon.
This happened last night.
It is a little bit crazy, that someone in the middle of the night photographs
the sky.
It calms my thinking about what is going on in the world.
The world around me was still sleeping.
But the birds were singing. What do they sing so early in the morning?

Μερικές φορές, όταν δεν μπορώ να κοιμηθώ φωτογραφίζω τον ουρανό και
το φεγγάρι..
Αυτό συνέβη χθες τη νύχτα.

Είναι κάπως τρελό, όταν κάποιος τη νύχτα φωτογραφίζει τον ουρανό.
Όμως αυτό καλμάρει της σκέψεις μου σχετικά με το τη συμβαίνει στον κόσμο
γύρω μας..
Η γειτονιά ακόμα κοιμόταν.
Όμως τα πουλιά κελαηδούσαν.
Νωρίς άρχισαν το τραγούδι τους…

Aristophanes (450 - 385 B.C.)

Rise up and come, immortal Clouds.
In a sparkle of raindrops, rise
From the swollen sea; rise up
To the peaks of the high hills

Shaggy with trees; look down
On the distant view,
Meadows and water-gardens,
Rippling streams, the booming sea.
The sun's unblinking eye
Sparkles with light: shake free
A mantle of rain over all the earth.
Immortal Clouds, rise up and come.  


  1. Amazing shots, my friend!
    Got to love these lovely clouds.

    I have never heard of that poem.
    So thanks for sharing.
    So beautiful!

    Love and hugs!
    B xx

    PLUS: I love your colourful header:) Awesome!

  2. You are pointing your camera and your gaze toward the heavens---where God dwells. Peace be with you, Monika.

  3. Τι ρομαντική ψυχούλα είσαι καλή μου Μόνικα !!!
    Πόσο ωραία περιγράφεις τις πρώτες πρωινές ώρες με τα κελαηδίσματα των πουλιών...
    Οι φωτογραφίες σου μαγευτικές και έκπληξη το ποίημα του Αριστοφάνη, που δεν το ήξερα και σ ευχαριστώ που μου το γνώρισες!
    Πολλά φιλιά

  4. Monika it is so true, aiming to the sky with a camera always has a soothing effect on me too, and there is something lovely, too, about night photography while others sleep. You and that beautiful full moon had your moment together with no distractions! Hugs to you, my dear.

  5. :)

    i understand this, perfectly ...

  6. >Clint: Has anyone ever have the slightest proof, or even indication, of god's existence? Nature is all we know. If you pose the question: Who created nature I will ask: "who created whoever created nature?" and on goes the question till infinity! Let's break away from religious myths! Religion has taken its bloody toll from mankind. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Sorry for the emotional response, but I am fed up!

  7. Both photos are very good. I meant to make a phot o f the moon yesterday but it was cloudy and missed the chance. Brava for making one!

  8. Πανέμορφο....
    Φιλιά πολλά γλυκιά μου
    Καλή εβδομάδα!

  9. Great photografy!
    Sei sempre molto brava!

    Ciao,un abbraccio!

  10. Monika, these images are beyond my imagination.

    Sky is brilliant in both images. This is universe.

    Clouds, moon and sky in the second image are so dramatic and beautiful. And full moon is in all it's glory.... I am amazed how you were able to show it. That is outstanding photography. My admiration to you!!!!

    You embraced the darkness and showed it's beauty. That was a true inspiration.

    I send you many hugs and my warmest wishes on your way!!!!!

  11. Der Mond war gestern ganz besonders dich an der Erde. Das hast du wunderbar festgehalten.
    LG Sabine

  12. Ja der Mond war am Sonnabend echt gut drauf, ich hab gelesen das er das letzte mal 1993 so hell und lang gestrahlt hat.
    Konnte trotzdem gut schlafen.
    Eine schöne neue Woche,

  13. you made this CLOUDia sing with joy!

    Warm Aloha to you
    from Honolulu!

    Comfort Spiral



  14. Εγω δανείζομαι τις Μαγείες του Φακού σου και τις προσαρμόζω στο τοπίο των βραδινών μου Ονειρων..
    ταιριάζουν απόλυτα με τη Γυναικεία Εσωτερικότητα που πλάθει Όνειρα ΜυθοΦαντασίας....

    Φιλάκι..... σαν Φεγγάρι που όλο μεγαλωνει!....

  15. The moon was so huge those days!
    Have a nice week!

  16. fantastic!!!! I can't see the moon in this day in vienna...

  17. Love to photograph the nature..
    Thank you all for looking at!

  18. Preciosas imágenes, me gusta mucho la primera, no pude salir a fotografiar la luna.

    Un saludo.

    Con tu permiso te seguiré.

  19. It is nice how you have caught the sun on those clouds. Good work.

  20. wonderful pictures.
    its so funny, i saw the same moon on saturday.
    when we watch at the same time at the sky, you in greek, i in germany, we see the same moon.
    its a funny thought.
    have a good time,

  21. i was on the roof but no luck!!!
    Beauty pics..
    u really took us with you in your comment..!!!
    Kostas Moto

  22. Beautiful sky shots, Monika !

    I too have been out very late at night (or early in the morning, depending on your perspective) and shot the sky - very therapeutic !

  23. Hi Bich

    These are again very nice...good work.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

    also very nice work from painter Angelos in the sidebar.

  24. You have inspired ne to photograph the moon.

  25. Nice Job on that Moon. I tried and failed. Those clouds helped, for context, All I got was a small white dot, but it was worth the effort.
    Very good sky with the little skeleton fingers in the corner, that changed everything for me !

  26. Following the rule, I write my comment in English, good chance for me to improve my poor knowledge in English language.
    Bravo! Good work!! Fantastic receptions of nature’s drawings. The moments of your sleeplessness gave you the chance to depict with your photos the unique artistic possibilities of the nature to express its mood for composition.
    I wish the human beings not to kill the nature’s mood, either good or bad!!
    Could you please give me some information about the Greek painter “Angelos”? Many thanks!!