Monday, April 9, 2012

A gift from Holland

A gift from Holland!

An unexpected  gift where coming a few weeks ago
from a very special painter in Nederland.

Her name is Monica Croese , she is well-known under the name
 Momo Luna Signals and had
participated in several exhibitions with grand success!

A beautiful drawing with title “The tree of wonders” .
I love it very much and I am going to find the right frame
and place for it!!
Her friendship is very touching and means a lot to me!


  1. Die Farben sind echt irre. Auch die Motive der Künsterin gefallen mir ♥ Hab mal "geluschert".
    LG Sabine

  2. how exciting! a very beautiful work of art! she looks like a great painter!

    big hugs and kisses!


  3. Monika, I know how fortunate it is to have the gift of Monica's art. She is an amazing artist and her works are like living creatures to engage with - from one strong woman to another! May I also extend to you in advance best wishes for your birthday later this week? I will raise a glass in your honor!

  4. Yes, my dear..
    Let's drink a glass or two..
    I can never stay on one foot!!

  5. I love Monica's work too, very expressive and intriguing, enjoy! xx

  6. Sehr ausdrucksstark, ein tolles Geschenk!!!

    Liebe Abendgruessle

  7. Nice painting! Happy Easter to you and your family Monika!!

  8. Monika.that is a great painting.It reminds me of Picasso.May be in his Guernica..witout the pain and war...i love the man holding her nipples while he watch to the sky..and the woman with a mysteriuos look..sees away..what is she thinking..escape?fun? it s alot of nice things in that are very lucky.
    congrat with you birthaday last week.i suppose you spent it all well.Many kisskiss from anita

  9. Du Beste,

    das ist sehr gut ausgewählt...unsere Monica begleite ich schon einige Jahre hier, denn
    sie begeistert mich mit jedem ihrer Werke...

    von Herzen
    Rachelako, die wieder aus dem Urlaub zurück:)

  10. Hmmmm. I am speechless, so I will second the comment of the individual who said, "Interesting."

  11. Πολύ δυνατός πίνακας. Ομολογώ ότι σε συνεπαίρνει και σε αναγκάζει να τον μελετάς για ώρα! Εξαιρετικό δώρο πράγματι!
    Καλό Πάσχα να έχεις φίλη μου!

  12. Momo Luna´s work is sublime.
    The way she "talk" about the women feelings always touch me.
    Lucky woman you are!

  13. Lovely drawings Monika........ good shots.

    wish you a lovely day.

    Kiss, Joop