Saturday, April 28, 2012

Night over Athens

Στα προπύλαια  του παλαιού κτηρίου του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών,
η τοιχογραφία απεικονίζει την προσωποποίηση
των Επιστημών (1864).
Έργο του ζωγράφου Καρλ Ραλ.

At the portico of the old building of the University of Athens,
the fresco shows the Personification of
Sciences (1864).
Painted by Karl Rahl

Χτές και σήμερα.
Το παλαιό και το μοντέρνο.
Η Ακαδημία Αθηνών και ένα  κτήριο με γραφεία.
Yesterday and today.
The old Academy and a modern office  building..

Η Ακαδημία Αθηνών χτίστηκε το 1839 με δαπάνες
του Βαρόνου Σίνα,
πάνω σε σχέδια του Αρχιτέκτονα Χριστ. Χάνσεν,
υπό την επίβλεψη του Ερν. Τσίλλερ.

The Academy of Athens was built in 1839 at the expense
of Baron Sinas, to plans of the Architect Christian Hansen
under the supervision of Ernst Ziller.


  1. Μαγευτικές ΟΛΕΣ οι φωτογραφίες Monika. Αυτή είναι η Ελλάδα που μου αρέσει ..

    Συγχαρητήρια !

    Xαιρετώ με κάτι μουσικό:

    Let's get it on !


  2. simply GORGEOUS!

    hope you're having a fabulous weekend, dearie!

    big hugs!


  3. Meine Beste,

    ich liebe solche Nachtaufnahmen, alles sieht man in einem anderen Licht,
    manches wirkt mystisch fast, und vieles sieht man deutlicher als bei Tage...

    dir noch einen ganz feinen Samstagabend
    von Herzen deine Rachelako

  4. Wonderful to see.. you have the same pigeon defenses on your buildings that I have here.

  5. negentropist..
    Just love the sax-player Maceo Parker

  6. Andrew.
    I saw these defenses after so many years,
    starring at these buildings...

  7. Danke dir fuer die schoenen Eindruecke deiner Stadt. Macht mir immer wieder Spass


    btw: schoenes neues Foto von dir♥

    Liebe Abendgruessle

  8. Nova..
    ♥♥♥♥Liebe Gruesse.. und du weisst schon.....

  9. Very nice pictures, I love the Greek art.


  10. So beautiful details. Wonderful nights in Greece. Great photos!
    Wish you a beautiful weekend!

    Greetings, Carmen

  11. wirklich wunderbar !

  12. Πω πω ομορφιές!!!!!
    Καλή Κυριακή φιλενάδα!
    Φιλιά πολλά

  13. Monika, you can create a fantastic art with your camera!!! These photographs are amazing and beautifully done!!!

    I wish you a happy weekend and a beautiful week!

    Truly yours, Kaya.

  14. You certainly have mastered the art of night photography, Monika. Your work here is spectacular.

    I can imagine being in Athens on a warm (not hot, just warm), still, summer evening and seeing these sights -- enjoying the past and the present as they merge into one and envelope me.

  15. A pkace full of character, i like the shots !

  16. Καλημέρα.
    Όμορφες οι φωτογραφίες σου.
    Μα πιο πολύ μ' αρέσει το κείμενο που τις συνοδεύει.

  17. I love the looks of the old buildings vs. the new, but things must change with time. I love the top two photos, is that an actual painting? Have a wonderful week Monika, cheers.

  18. What an amazing place this must be.
    Thank you for sharing here.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  19. liebe Monika, ich bewundere diese Gemälde, die Darstellungen mit diese Farbenpracht, das ist Geschichte, das kahle und kantige Gebäude läßt ernüchtern!

    ganz liebe Grüße von Jasmin

  20. Beautiful lighting in these night shots, Monika ! Hope you're doing well.

  21. hi monika, keine sorge der hund musste nicht leiden.
    er war beifahrer in einem auto, ich schätze ca.1930 also ein echter oldtimer.
    und offen.
    so diente die brille seinen augen wegen dem fahrtwind.
    zudem finde ich schaut er glücklich aus.
    und er passte super zu dem auto.
    lieben gruß
    und schöne woche,

  22. Beautiful photographs dear Monika, wonderful to look at. Hope all is well with you.

    I love your new layout, saw it also at other blogs. Love the flipside. Which theme is this?

    Sweet greetz, love and hugs, Monica

  23. hi Monika all changed here! It's nice the new template, and your post great!

    love to you

  24. It all changed here but it's not as nice as before. The black background helps bring the images out more effectively, but I guess this all happened accidentally and without Monica's intention. It's just that Blogger did it, somehow, automatically and there seems to be no way back...

  25. Back to normal! Got sei dank!

  26. Maravilha de fotos! O que mais me encanta é essa arquitetura que mistura o antigo com o novo.

  27. Felice inizio settimana per Te...ciao

  28. I have never been to Greece, i really enjoy thinking I have been there by just following you

  29. Thank you all for your comments..
    You give me so much joy..
    And why not --- WELCOME to Greece!!