Friday, August 19, 2011

Waterfall in Edessa

The waterfall in Edessa, from 70 m height, is one of Europe's biggest.

Edessa is a small town in Northern Macedonia.

Walking beneath the waterfall.

Edessa means "city on the water"..

Edessa (Έδεσσα), the capital of the prefecture, is built on the plateau between Vermio and Vora with a view of the plain, abundant vegetation, flower-filled gardens and many water springs. Northeast of the town, at a verdant location with a beautiful view, the famous waterfalls of Edessa can be found. "Edessa" means "city on the water". The name comes from the old Phrygians, who colonized this region even before the Macedonians, in the 9th century B.C. Later, as part of Macedonia, Edessa played an important role as the capital city. Later still, during Roman times, the famous Via Egnatia passed through here. Centuries of natural rock erosion and weather phenomena have created a multitude of bigger and smaller waterfalls that can be admired in today's waterfall park of Edessa. The volume of water from the biggest waterfall, called "Karanos" falls about 70m. You don't expect it, but behind the waterfall there is a little cave that can be explored by the curious visitor.... At the very top of the falls, they've diverted part of the stream into an attractive garden, complete with mini waterfalls, footbridges, and of course, lots of flowers. They have also turned other parts of the stream into channels rushing between buildings as well as a cafe. Today the waterfalls are a well-known site of the immense beauty for the whole of Greece and the rest of the world.


  1. Really beautiful shots. Thanks for the information, too. I love the soothing nature of waterfalls.

  2. wow, very nice there, I like the idea of walking beneath the waterfall

  3. Great pictures Monika. They "feel" refreshing. Lovely!

  4. What a beautiful place. Thanks for the nice pics.

    greets joe

  5. Υπέροχο αλήτικο κορίτσι
    πως με μυρίστηκες βρε?....


    λες να διασχίσαμε το ίδιο μονοπάτι κάτω από τις πυκνές φυλλωσιες?..

    Σήμερα ήμουν εκει...

    βγήκα φωτογραφίες
    κι έγινα κι εγω καταρράκτης
    με τις σταγόνες μου σε σχηματομορφή χειμάρρου
    να ρέεουν ορμητικά προς το ανομολόγητο Μέρος που συγκεντρώνονται οι μυστικές σκέψεις του κόσμου....

    Σε φιλω γλυκά...... καταρρακτωδώς όμως.....

    αλήτικο... υπεροχο κορίτσι.....

    απλά ... ναι.... Bitch!!!!!

    χι χι χικ.......
    "Έδεσσα" την καρδούλα μου μενταγιόν και φυλαχτό στο λαιμό σου...


    ΤΙΠΟΤΕ δεν είναι ΤΥΧΑΙΟ, μάτια μου......

    Υπαρχει και παραλλαγή του μενταγιόν, μα την ... αφόπλισα, να το ξερεις!!!!

  6. This waterfall is so overpowering and so beautiful. I would like some day to see the city of water, Edessa.

    Monika, these are the most beautiful and splendid pictures of waterfall. They are very special. Wild and outrageous waterfall. Even in the first picture with smooth waters it is still wild and powerful.

    Wonderful and very impressive photography!!!!!

    Have a happy Friday evening, my dear Monika.

    Many hugs and my love to you.

  7. Tolle Fotos und danke dir für die klasse Erklärung. Ich lerne gerne immer wieder dazu.

    Wünsche ein tolles Wochenende und schicke liebe Grüße rüber

  8. Wauw this looks nice. I would like to go to Edessa once.


  9. Wow, it is quite a gushing waters. Nice photos.

  10. Great photographs of the waterfalls Monica.
    And love your narrative also.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Traumhaft, liebe Monika,
    am liebsten würde ich sofort in die Fluten springen. Ist bestimmt nicht ganz ungefährlich.
    LG Sabine

  12. Das sind tolle Bilder bei Dir hier! Was ein Glück, dass Du auf Englisch schreibst. Griechenland mag ich sehr, mit der Sprache / Schrift komme ich aber gar nicht klar.

    Liebe Grüße,

  13. The power of the nature! Nice shots

  14. Great pictures from a very beautiful place!!

  15. Wonderful, i love waterfalss. Great photo's also Monika!

    Kisses for you my friend.....

  16. AMAZING! just amazing photos, monika!!

    a feast for the eyes!
    very well done you. :)

    have a great week ahed!

    hugs and kisses
    betty xx

  17. Da kann man wieder die geballte Kraft des Wassers sehen. LG Inge

  18. Wie kraftvoll, liebe Monika, deine schönen Fotos das starke Element Wasser ausdrücken, das Fließen immer nach unten, die große Gewalt, die ihren Weg bahnt,
    hier friedlich und schön, auf der anderen Seite unberechenbar………
    liebe Grüße von Jasmin

  19. Thank you for sharing this natural wonder!

  20. Wow, this is an amazing waterfall. I LOVE waterfalls and you've done a fantastic job of capturing these! The cave under the falls sounds intriguing, a place which is a "must see" if I ever come to visit your amazing country!

  21. Thank you for sharing
    This Wonderful work with us
    Good creations

  22. Interesting background to this place of water. I like different viewpoints for a waterfall which you have managed here. I like the second one but also the exposure time of the first one.

  23. Woooow!!Τώρα θέλω να πάω εκέί!... πολύ! Τι μου έκανες! Τι μου έκανες! :-)